Solar water heaters are an excellent choice for household hot water.  The solar tank can either be on the roof (thermosiphon system) or on the ground (split system).  Systems can be mounted on flat or pitched roofs.  Storage tanks are available in three standard sizes of 150, 200 and 300 litres which provide hot water for small, medium and large households.  An electric element can also be fitted as a backup option to ensure there is always sufficient hot water.


Multiple solar water heaters can be installed to easily and simply provide higher quantities of hot water.  Multiple domestic systems are an ideal solution for small to medium size commercial applications such as school and university dormitories, hotels and resorts, cafes and restaurants, medical clinics and health centres, and military barrack blocks.  Systems can be decentralised and independent eliminating the need for expensive centralised systems and associated plumbing infrastructure.  



For medium to large installations banks of collectors can be mounted on the roof with large capacity storage tanks at ground level.  In this way hundreds of collectors can be installed providing thousands of litres of hot water.  Overheat protection is provided by sensors stopping circulation of the heat exchange fluid when the stored water is at optimal temperature.  Applications are wide and varied and include shower blocks for mining operations and hot water for universities and hospitals.  


For large and very large installations hundreds or even thousands of collectors can be manifolded together to produce hundreds of thousands of litres of hot water.  Water can be stored at high temperature allowing maximum energy absorption during daylight hours for constant and reliable supply of hot water throughout the day.  Applications include large residential or commercial projects and district water heating.

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