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Solar Hot Water for Clinics


Government of Eswatini


Combat Covid-19

Featured Development Project





Frazer Solar has donated solar hot water heaters to be installed on every single government medical clinic in the Kingdom of Eswatini, free of charge, to help the country combat Covid-19.

The donation was co-funded with international agencies.

Solar Hot Water Stations for Government Medical Clinics


Government of Eswatini

Improve Hygiene & Sanitation, Combat Covid-19


Prior to the donation project, no government medical clinic had hot water for patients to use and 82% had no hot water at all.  Regular hand washing is an essential tool to mitigate against Covid-19 spread.  Frazer Solar saw the opportunity to provide an immediate benefit to help Eswatini combat Covid-19 while also providing a lasting improvement to hygiene and sanitation by donating high quality solar water heaters to every clinic in the country.

Frazer Solar has donated the funding while associate company Frazium Energy has managed the recruitment and training of installers, designed the product solution, handled logistics and completed installation.  The resultant design solution is a Hot Water Station (HWS) that is a self-contained modular unit that provides hot water without using any electricity, operating solely utilising the free energy provided by the sun.  The HWS has been designed to be robust and long lasting with an operating life expected to be 20-25 years, whilst requiring minimal maintenance and servicing.  Consideration was also given to use of parts and components that were less prone to theft, vandalism or tampering.

Feedback from patients and staff has been overwhelmingly positive.  Clinic staff have even been spotted taking buckets of hot water home with them at the end of the day as they don't have hot water in their own homes.

This donation is benefitting 10,000 people every day.  The video below shows the HWS in action.  

Below are selected images of the project.

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